Getting to grips with websites and Hayley’s Massage!

Wow, hello,

Getting to grips with this whole “do your own website thing” is kinda hard! Still it is slowly but surely working!

Latest news, we now have Hayley’s Massage onboard.

Hayley is a delightful young woman who has recently discovered she has ‘the hands’ for massage. And believe me, she does! She is also a mother of one gorgeous girl. Hayley works a few days currently working up her client base and I can 100% recommend her massage, she honestly does ‘have the hands’ and everyone comes out wishing they could jump straight into their beds because they are so relaxed!

My fave comment so far … “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven”… so get in quick, the prices are SOOO affordable!

Well, have a drink and toast to N.O.C getting onto the blogging without catastrophe, and another toast to miss Hayley!!!


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